MSF response to WHO Global TB Report 2020 (under strict embargo until 3:00pm CEST 14 October 2020)

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WHO will be releasing the 2020 edition of its Global Tuberculosis (TB) Report in a virtual press conference today at 2pm CET. As you know WHO releases this TB report every year, featuring data on disease trends and the response to the epidemic in 198 countries and territories. The report should be available on their site by 3pm CET today.  In this regard, please find below a flash quote from MSF.


MSF response to WHO Global TB Report 2020 (under strict embargo until 3:00pm CEST 14 October 2020)

Geneva, 14 October 2020

Quote by Sharonann Lynch, MSF Access Campaign Senior HIV/TB Policy Advisor:

“Two years after global leaders agreed to give TB the attention the world’s deadliest infectious disease deserves, it’s disheartening to see that governments are not on track to reach testing and treatment goals. TB has remained a burden throughout the course of human history, so isn’t it about time that governments got more serious about tackling this killer disease? While TB progress has been dismally slow, there are now several newer tests and drugs that could save hundreds of thousands of lives each year, so why aren’t we seeing governments rolling them out more? Why are governments continuing to try to tackle this disease with one hand tied behind their back, when they could be doing so much better? Governments need to make sure there are rapid TB testing services in every health facility so we can reach many more people with lifesaving treatment. With COVID-19 causing backtracking on TB testing, governments need to come up with a catch-up plan. Time’s up for excuses.”



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