News Update on TRIPS Waiver proposal negotiations at WTO this week and MSF's blog

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Ahead of the informal negotiations tomorrow, India, South Africa and other co-sponsors of TRIPS Waiver proposal have issued a document responding to questions raised by certain opposing countries (Canada/Australia/Chile/Mexico). The official document has now been published by WTO here.

WTO also published a document sharing some interesting and pertinent questions raised by the proponents of this landmark proposal. Another important WTO document to read is the compilation of questions and answers so far in all sessions by all co-sponsors. It is important to note that sponsors of this proposal are being repeatedly asked a similar set of questions in an attempt to stall the process. However, questions asked by India, South Africa and other co-sponsors have not been answered so far.

MSF has also published a blog post further rebutting the myths being spread by pharmaceutical corporations and some governments around the TRIPS Waiver proposal submitted by South Africa and India at the World Trade Organization (WTO).The blog is in direct response to director-general of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA) Thomas Cueni’s opinion piece in New York Times last month that spoke up against the waiver and in support of keeping the current industry-led IP monopolies in place during the pandemic. The blog is published here on Medium

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